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My new play is based on a medieval legend about the persecution of a poor but honest man by his neighbours. I found it in a book called The Golden Legend, which was translated from French into English by William Caxton and published by him in 1483. My version of the story takes place in the present day.

As autumn turns to winter and Hallowe’en approaches, a gentleman of the road, looking for somewhere to shelter from the wind and rain, finds just the place in an overgrown village graveyard. He makes friends with the residents below and the vicar above, none of whom raise any objection to his spending the winter there, but to others in the village he’s just a rough sleeper who needs to be got rid of.

Rough Sleepers will have its first performance in a production by Leeds Arts Centre which I will be directing. There will be four performances at the Carriageworks Theatre on 23-26 October 2019. Preparations are already under way, with auditions to be held over two evenings, 20th and 22nd May, at the Carriageworks.

Auditions are open to anyone, but accepting a part will mean becoming a member of Leeds Arts Centre. Click here for the script and here for more information about the auditions.


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