Dorothy by Neil Rathmell

Tender and insightful, harrowing and uplifting, Dorothy is a stunning act of empathy from a son towards his mother.  Her story, told through the author’s assured, unpretentious verse, is both specific and universal enough to resonate with all who encounter it; to challenge some, heal others, and leave a lasting impression on the world Dorothy came to love.

“A beautifully-observed, deeply-moving elegy with a profound sense of authenticity – a genuine work of art.”

Jamie McGarry

“Startling and tender.”
Poetry Book Society

“Dorothy’ is a poetic tour de force, poignant and powerful. It tells the story of an ordinary Yorkshire woman in a feat of stunning empathy, beauty and brilliant writing.  I have read nothing like it in 20th or 21st Century poetry.  A work of near genius.”

James Nash

Dorothy is available from booksellers and direct from the publisher
ISBN 978-1-915606-32-7
UK £15
US $18
EU €17

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