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Same Old Story

Over the years, I have read many stories and legends from the old Punjab, a region now shared between two countries, India and Pakistan, and have enjoyed writing my own versions, some of which are available in paperback from Amazon.

Ramayana, the story of Rama and Sita, and Heer Ranjha, an old Punjabi love story, are now joined by another love story, Sassi Punnu, which I have dramatised as Same Old Story.

This photograph of two swans engaging in their mating ritual was taken by an old friend, who gave me his permission to use it as the cover image for the script, which is available now from Amazon.

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Bernard Kops, 1926-2024

The death last month of Bernard Kops took me back sixty years to the era of the so-called Angry Young Men, British playwrights who upset their elders by writing in ways that were new and different and controversial. As far as theatre was concerned, it was out with the...

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Addicted to laughter

I have gone for long periods in my life without even owning a television, let alone watching one, but lately I have become something of a television addict. Fortunately, my addiction is not to television itself but only to three particular programmes or, to use the...

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Victims of Taste

Marmite has become the popular term for something which is either loved or hated. Taste is subjective. It isn't the marmite that matters, rather the person tasting it. Marmite is marmite, whether you like it or not, and the same applies to books. I have always been...

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Coming up for air

My wife and I, especially my wife, Jaspreet Mander, have been preoccupied for the last two weeks with Writing On Air, the annual festival of new writing run by Chapel FM, our local community radio station. This year we contributed between us 5% of the entire...

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They did it my way

It was July 1971. The 1967 'summer of love' was a fading memory. I had been at Cambridge then, where male students out-numbered females by at least ten to one and a summer of love was something that few of us could aspire to. Instead, studying for a degree in English...

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