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Improbable Fictions

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My new collection of short fiction ranges from my earliest stories, first published by Faber & Faber in an anthology of work by new writers, to the most recent, some published here for the first time, some published previously in literary magazines in the UK and Ireland.



1549 was the year of Kett’s Rebellion, when thousands of ordinary people in Norfolk protested against the enclosure of common land by wealthy landowners. Robert Kett, himself a landowner, changed sides and became their leader. He led them to Norwich where they made their camp a mile outside the city. Within days their numbers had grown to 20,000 and the mayor, Thomas Cod, had no choice but to let them in. Today it might have been called the Norfolk Spring or Occupy Norwich.
‘A page-turning read and an illuminating insight into important events in our history.’
Matthew Branton, author

Vive le Mole!

My grown-up sequel to The Wind in the Willows sees Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toad flying south for the winter. What happens when they touch down in a Provençal village is a far cry from life on the riverbank. Vive le Mole! is a comic tale of love and intrigue in the south of France.

An Englishman (and his mother) Abroad

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This is the story of the ten days I spent with my mother in India, staying with friends to celebrate her 90th birthday. As well as telling my mother’s story, I write also about characters from India’s history and mythology – from Ranjit Singh, the last great ruler of Punjab, to Prince Half-a-son, a character in an old Punjabi story; from the Maharajah of Patiala, with his collection of Rolls Royces, medals and concubines, to Didho Ranjha and Heer Sayal, the Romeo and Juliet of Punjab; from Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru, to Udam Singh, avenger of the massacre at Amritsar.
“A perceptive view of hospitality in India, which I enjoyed greatly because it closely reflected my own experiences on a recent visit. The unlikely story of how the author took his mother there for her ninetieth birthday was quite inspirational.” (Goodreads)

Heer Ranjha

Two of the stories from An Englishman (and his mother) Abroad are available as individual e-books from Amazon.

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