Neil Rathmell

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Neil Rathmell grew up in Yorkshire, read English at Jesus College, Cambridge, taught English and drama at secondary schools in Cheshire, Co. Durham and Shropshire, where he became County Adviser for Drama and the Arts, and is now back in Yorkshire.

His short fiction has been published in Ambit (nos. 223, January 2016, and 225, July 2016), Prole (no. 19, April 2016) and The Penny Dreadful (Issue 7, Winter/Spring 2017).

‘Neil Rathmell’s Peter [in Prole 19] is an unflinching tale that sweeps through an entire life.’

Faber & Faber included two of his short stories in Introduction 4 – stories by new writers (1970) and went on to publish his first novel, The Old School (1976).

‘Integrity and exactness shine forth from every page.’  The Sunday Times.
‘A nice line in the manic.’  New Statesman.
‘Sweetly funny, kind, perceptive, unpretentious.’  The Guardian

As a drama teacher and youth theatre director, Neil Rathmell wrote and directed many plays for performance by young people and has also written plays for adults.

His latest play, Unspoken, is about stammering. It was written in collaboration with speech and language therapist Dr Trudy Stewart and had its first performance in a production by Leeds Arts Centre at The Carriageworks, Leeds, 5-8 July 2017. Every performance was sold out!

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